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  About me  

My name is Eva. I’m an I/O psychologist, career coach, trainer, and HR consultant. My whole professional life, I cooperate with companies – large and small, Czech, and international – on the development of their people. At the same time, I help people who want to move their career to the next level, who are looking for a new job, are not content at their current job or want to change the course of their career.


I offer my clients professionalism, openness, support, understanding for their needs, and the possibility to work on their career development in a friendly atmosphere.​


I work in Czech and English, both on-site and online.​

I’m staying in shape for you. Below is a selection of my professional development activities:

2018: Personality and Ability Assessment (SHL)

2017: Problem-solving in teams

           Designing Gamification

2016: Design Thinking

           One Minute Manager

           Building Teams

2015: Big Data for Better Performance

2014: Better Leader, Richer Life

2013: Adult education lecturer


           Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

           A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior

2012: The ICF Core Competencies and Integrative Coaching

           Psychology (MA)

2010: Psychology and Sociology (BA)


  Services for people  



Do you want to know how your personality setting connects with your attitude to work is? What motivates you, and how good is your cognitive reasoning? Fill out a questionnaire, test yourself. The service, of course, includes thorough feedback by an experienced psychologist. We will talk about everything important and make enough space for your questions.



Have you found a dream job offer but your CV is quite rusty or nonexistent? Are you terrified of the job interview? Do you have no clue what might happen there? Let’s prepare together. I will help you polish your resume, or we can start by scratch. We will practice the job interview and deal with stage fright.

Career coaching


Do you have the feeling that your current job is not the one? Do you want to move your career to the next level? Are you thinking about changing your career? Do you want to get rid of something that you think stands in the way of your career success? Treat yourself to professional career coaching. We pinpoint your strengths, identify room for development, and brush up on your skills.


  Services for companies  



Are you looking for a candidate to fill an important position? Do you want to be sure he will be a good match for the team and company culture? Do you want to get a good picture of how his natural tendencies, preferences, and reasoning abilities influence his behavior at work? Do you want to create a fitting development plan for your colleague? Personality questionnaire and cognitive reasoning tests with thorough feedback by an experienced psychologist will bring you and the candidate or colleague plenty of helpful information.



Do you expect layoffs and don’t want to let your colleagues high and dry? Do you want to be a good employer? Do you want to build your brand with responsibility and exquisite employee care hallmark? Then you can treat your colleagues to guidance by a professional career coach to ease their transition into a new career stage. I will help your colleagues to deal with the tough situation and uncertainty. I will help them pinpoint their strengths, look for a suitable career choice, polish their resume, and practice job interview.



Do you have aboard people to whom you would like to offer some development activities? Is there no-one in your HR department who could provide training? Is it complicated or impossible to get your employees to one place at one time? Do you prefer bite-sized training for your employees? Webinars are the perfect solution for you! They can be delivered for an audience connecting from any part of the world and saved for later screening. I will create webinars for you. My specialty is soft-skills and psychology-themed webinars.



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